Dual Glazed - Glass Wall System


Allure is a dual glazed (double pane) office partition system that is designed for sound proofing spaces. This extravagant glass wall system, uses the most innovative track profile design to create a functional yet minimal appearance. Unobstructed view is achieved by eliminating the old-style vertical mullions often seen in exterior applications. 


Allure can be fitted with a a variety of glass types such as switchable glass or acoustic glass and achieve high STC rating of 48 STC.


Allure offers sound rated glass doors with integrated and concealed door closer and drop down seal.

Integrated Blinds

Wood Panels

Easy Installation




Dual Glazed, Sound-Proof, Privacy

Glass Type

Tempered, Laminated, Switchable Glass, Painted Glass, Wood Veneer, Bullet-Proof

Door Type

Single Glazed, Double Glazed, Swing Door, Sliding Glass Door

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