Linea is a frameless synchronized telescopic sliding system combining transparency and efficiency for large spaces. Divide your room without diming the light or visibility of the environment. An innovative belt drive system, moves all of the door leaves at the same time. This sliding door system is

Estetico The essence of our Premium Collection. Estetico sliding glass door system features a full minimal frame, soft close and open, large panel capability, virtually unlimited finishes as well as panel options. Add aluminum slotted design or mullions to achieve your desired appearance.

Adela is a practical and minimal flush door. Equipped with 3D hinges and compatible with a door closer and an automatic drop seal function. Adela door can be combined with a rich variety of aluminum colors, glass types, wooden leaf, ceramic materials and leather textures

EXTERIOR DESIGN One of the most innovative Glass Partition Systems. Perfect for offices that require minimal framing that provide great sound performance.  This system is capable of incorporating a variety of glass types including switchable Smart Glass.

Dual Glazed – Glass Wall System Allure is a dual glazed (double pane) office partition system that is designed for sound proofing spaces. This extravagant glass wall system, uses the most innovative track profile design to create a functional yet minimal appearance. Unobstructed view is achiev

Theron A partition with flush doors becoming the ideal choice for high design requirements giving the essence of an undisrupted surface. Minimalistic with slim profiles, door closer and drop seal function is your option.

Aries A Single Glazed Glass Partition System that is both minimal yet extravagant. Offering a modern look to any office environment. Featuring some of the most innovative designs, Aries system accepts tempered glass, switchable glass, laminated glass as well as wood veneer panels. Electrical conduit

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