Our engineering team will provide you with all the services that your project needs. From idea and design to on time delivery and installation. We are masters in the craft of glass wall partitions.

Who we are

Brisk Architectural Inc. is a technology driven glass construction company started by a European engineer that was dedicated to bringing the best of European glass interior products to the US market. Our team is dedicated to helping you build your glass wall partitions just the way you imagine, using only the best hardware. We specialize in design, engineering, project management, and installation. Whether you are an architect, contractor or a business owner, Brisk has everything you need.


Design and Engineering

We are masters in the craft of realizing a vision, and have the enthusiasm for solving any challenge for our clients. With our expertise in all aspects of project execution, BRISK is uniquely aligned to perform as a one stop shop. Our specialty is executing custom projects, from standard design to the most intricate and sophisticated. Our service to you is all encompassing; from system engineering through manufacturing to delivery. CONTACT OUR TEAM.


  • Design and Engineering Consultation
  • Shop Drawings delivered in 5 days
  • Easy submittal process


Site surveying

Site Surveying is another unique part of our one stop shop motto. With this service, we are able assure perfection and can master our craftsmanship during fabrication; minimizing or eliminating field fabrication. Installation of our glass wall partitions is easy and clean. In conjunction with BRISK Certified installers, we guarantee perfect fitment every time - all the time. GET A FAST QUOTE.


  • Field Measurements Free
  • We guarantee fitment
  • On-site consultation


project management

With our state of the art project managing software/tools, we see projects through initiation to completion by providing our undivided attention to project execution and providing unique access to global suppliers of quality products. By partnering with builders and services providers, we are 24/7 – 365 committed to the mission of delivering on every project on time – all the time. CONTACT OUR TEAM.


  • Assigned Project Manager
  • Fast Lead Times
  • Always On Time


instalation and delivery

Our Engineering is geared towards simplifying installation by working hand in hand with the craftsman who have a passion for the details and quality of the product; allowing us to provide a quality product with clear installation instructions. This helps us be the market leaders for quality products and installs with the best turnovers. All our installation projects are performed by certified installers which allows us to warranty our installs alongside the product. With all this in mind, our focus and determination is to deliver. CONTACT US.


  • Fast installation times
  • Clean and professional
  • Certified installers
  • Warrantied Parts and Install