M12 – Top Mounted Glass Railing

Top mounted

Strong, safe and modern design is what makes it the most popular choice for glass handrails. This glass railing system is easy to incorporate into any application. Weather it is an ocean view or city skyline, this railing system will provide an completely unobstructed view. It can be used with or without a top cap. Brisk uses the highest quality, ultra thick, and super clear glass to provide a long lasting, high quality product.


M12 Glass Handrails were designed with installation and maintenance in mind. The top mounted track, which means that the base track is mounted to the top of the surface, provides a stronger support that traditional railings. The glass panels are easily inserted into the track and adjusted for the perfect look.


This Railing system is ideal for a variety of applications. In most cases it is used around a perimeter of a deck or patio on to provide a safe guard and clear view at the same time. The track is often bolted to many types of surfaces such as concrete, tile, wood, etc. M12 Glass Handrails Is made out of high quality aluminum which is then anodized to achieve superior corrosion protection as well as the desired color. It can also be powder coated to any specified color.


LED lighting can be installed inside the bottom track or in the top handrail for amazing visual effect at night. The track is designed to carry electrical wiring and LED strips inside the aluminum track. The M12 is an excellent system for a variety of uses. Contact our team today to find out how we can use this glass railing in your next project.


The top mounted track can accept any type of glass such as laminated, clear tempered, colored glass, smart glass and many more.






Glass Type

Tempered Glass, Laminated Glass, Smart Glass, LED

Glass Thickness

1/2", 9/16", 5/8"

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