M13 – Glass Railings

Side mounted

Face mounted or side mounted glass railing system in anchored to the face of the wall beneath the site line. Achieve an unobstructed and clean look without any visible hardware. Amazing look and ease of installation is what makes this glass system a winner.

The M13 Glass Railings system is a popular choice on decks, patios and balconies, where the view should not be blocked by outdated post style railings. Walk up to the beaty of your view every time. By using thick, laminated safety glass, this system is safe and sturdy. It can be used in high wind and high rise applications. 

Brisk M13 propriety track is one of a kind. The track system is durable, harsh weather resistant and is designed to outlast the competition. It allows for the use of thicker and stronger laminated glass for safety you can depend on. 

Optional LED lighting can be installed in the track, that light up the glass railings at night time. This spectacular feature will make your modern design stand out. 




Glass Type

Laminated Safety Glass

Glass Thickness

9/16", 5/8", 3/4"


LED Lighting

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