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We constantly innovate, and find the newest glass products and solutions on the market. Above all, BRISK combines the highest quality standards with affordability.

When it comes to glass interiors... look no further

  • Glass Wall Partitions

    Create a perfect balance between appeal and function.

    Discover our acoustic glass walls. Designed to make your office space efficient, comfortable and silent. We also provide systems specifically designed for seismic activity. Combine our glass wall partitions with other Brisk products to achieve efficiency and practicality within your office.

  • Free Standing walls

    Freestanding glass walls are partitions which are supported at the base only.

    Unlike full height systems, freestanding partitions have an open top. Our experience in engineering and design, allows us to create amazing glass interiors, in spite of, challenging spaces. Above all, we engineer our products for safety.

  • Movable Glass Walls

    Movable walls are, in other words, glass partitions that can be quickly moved out of the way.

    Operable glass walls, are the best way to divide spaces with unobstructed view. Movable glass walls can also be used in exterior applications such as restaurants or residences. Other examples include, for instance conference rooms and storefronts.

  • Glass Handrails

    Glass Handrails are a great way of providing safety and beauty to modern buildings.

    Our Handrails are always built with SGP laminated glass for maximum safety. As a result, they don't shatter. Our frameless glass railings use the most innovative base shoe designs. In conclusion, our design will speed up installation and save money.

  • Glass Swing Doors

    Framed and frameless glass doors.

    Our glass swing doors perfectly integrate with our partition systems. Furthermore glass doors have many benefits such as safety, light efficiency and style. We provide a variety of options. For instance, frameless, acoustic, glass or wooden. We will match the best door for your needs.

  • Sliding Glass Doors

    Glass sliding doors combine modern look and space efficiency.

    Brisk glass sliding doors are the most advanced, and sleekest design on the market. We provide a variety of options. For instance, barn doors, soft close, pocket doors and automatic doors.

  • Glass Shields

    Glass Shields interior and exterior applications.

    Glass shields are specifically designed for protecting employees and customers in work spaces. Whether it is shielding from the wind or from other particles, our glass shields provide protection without any compromises. Designed with the same minimal and modern style in mind.

  • Standard Hardware

    Our standard hardware isn't very standard after all.

    Our glass fittings are imported from Europe. Above all they stand out from domestic with its appearance and performance. In conclusion, our glass hardware solutions are one of the finest on the market.

  • Custom Hardware

    We specialize in the design and fabrication of glass hardware that is made specifically for your project.

    At brisk we understand that not all projects are created equal. We assist our customers with solutions even if it requires developing new hardware. We can make you vision into reality.

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Our Technical Library is constantly updated with the latest products and drawings. We are here to help. Feel free to contact us if there are any details that you need or for more technical information. They can be instantly downloaded for free!