Glass Types

At Brisk Arch, we only provide the highest quality of glass from our long term glass manufacturers located close to the project location. This allows us to achieve fast lead times and lower delivery costs. With customer satisfaction in mind, we offer low-iron glass as a standard and have options for clear tempered glass, laminated safety glass, and switchable glass as well as colored. Let us know which glass you need for your project.

Low-Iron Glass

Low-Iron Tempered Glass

Brisk’s Low-Iron glass is the highest quality and clearest glass available. When it comes to interior design, we take our work very seriously using only the best quality glass. Low-iron glass is colorless in appearance and does not have green tint as found in normal clear tempered glass.

Laminated safety glass

Laminated safety glass

Our laminated glass, also referred to as safety or security glass, is used in applications where glass is required to stay intact when broken. In such a scenario, the glass remains bonded to the plastic inner layer.

Colored Glass

Colored Glass

With a removable stop, installation of your glass panels is easily accomplished. This also allows for a much lower profile track height. Our single glazed track accommodates 1/2″ glass and is the thinnest on the market.

Switchable LCD Glass


Dual glazed track with removable stops and center section. This track can transform from dual to triple glazed and is thinnest profile on the market.

Brisk Architectural Smart glass partition system.  The image shows a curved partitions with double sliding glass doors.

About Switchable Glass

Imagine an office space where both transparency and privacy are fundamental elements of workflow, organization, and establishing hierarchy within a company. If this sounds like every office you’ve ever worked in, you’re not alone.

Smart Glass partitions rely on electrical current to realign the molecules within a layer of liquid crystals display (LCD glass) to change their visual properties. When the current is off, the crystals relax and create a suspended cloud that gives people inside the privacy they need without the chore of wrestling with a wall of conventional blinds. When the current is on, the crystals contract and appear as a typical pane of see-through glass. Sounds like something out of a James Bond movie, right? When you see it in action, it will appear that way, too.

Brisk Architectural has been implementing smart glass technology for years, and is one of the industry leaders in the design implementation of switchable glass partition systems. Brisk has applied this exciting technology to swing and sliding glass door products so your design project can take on a new level of visual functionality using Brisk LCD glass.