Free standing glass wall system

Our freestanding glass walls are ideal for jobs with high ceilings. With free standing walls, there is no need to attach to ceilings or jams. Our engineers develop systems that are both safe and stunning to create some of the most beautiful modern interiors. Free standing glass partitions are the easiest and most effective way of building beautiful interiors.

Brisk freestanding glass walls – easier & faster construction

Glass as a building material continues to become increasingly popular in the construction industry. Brisk makes the process of building glass walls easier than ever before. By implementing a self supporting design, we eliminate the need to tie to an existing overhead structure. Often eliminating the need for long approval processes.

Freestanding glass support

Fully demount-able and customizable. Our engineer’s design each system for safety and stability. Each glass wall is anchored with our innovative and low profile base track. In addition, each glass panel is secured using our high-quality glass fittings. The overall layout is designed to increase stability while being fully customizable. As a result, our glass wall systems withstand even the harshest environments such as earthquakes.