Free standing glass wall systems

Our freestanding glass walls are ideal for spaces with high ceilings. With free standing walls, there is no need to attach to ceilings or jams. Our engineers develop systems that are both safe and stunning. Free standing glass partitions are the easiest and most effective way of building beautiful interiors.

freestanding glass room with barn sliding glass door Custom Glass Applications When we see custom designs, our engineers get excited. Brisk has the knowledge, expertise, and experience to make your vision a reality. Minimalist Design Our interior glass wall systems are the best way of creating spaces within your office area. Simple, sleek, and modern look that allows plenty of light. Frameless Single, dual, and triple glazed frameless acoustic systems help you get the most out of your space. We know all about acoustics. Create spaces that let light in but keep the sound out. Anywhere from 37 to 47 STC. Low-iron glass Our standard low-iron glass is the cleanest looking glass in the industry. No green tinting. Imagine Our engineers are the best at solving challenges. If you can imagine it, we can make it a reality. Energy Efficient Open your office space to an abundance of natural light. It will make a night and day difference. Innovate Get in touch with our knowledgeable staff to discuss your idea.

FS1 - Office PArtition

Glass as a building material continues to become increasingly popular in the construction industry. Brisk makes the process of building glass walls easier than ever before. By implementing a freestanding glass walls (self supporting) design, we eliminate the need to tie to an existing structure. Often eliminating the need for long approval processes.


  • Freestanding / self -supported
  • Perfect solution for high ceilings
  • Seamless glass joints
  • Swing or sliding door options
  • Custom finishes
  • No attachment to floor needed
Free standing glass office partition in Richmond Virginia

FS2 Office Partition

Our engineer's design each system for safety and stability. Each freestanding glass partition is anchored with our innovative and low profile base track. In addition, each glass panel is secured using our high-quality glass fittings. The overall layout is designed to increase stability while being fully customization. As a result, our glass wall systems withstand even the harshest environments such as earthquakes.


  • Full height frame-less design
  • Suspended glass panels
  • 10 foot maximum height
  • Unlimited hardware finishes
  • Minimal hardware required
  • No perimeter track

In house engineering

Safety is our upmost priority. Our Engineers design every freestanding system to the clients specific needs. We design the best and safest system possible. All components are analyzed and tested on our engineering software and in real life testing facilities. As a result, we provide our clients with carefully engineered systems that are beautiful in appearance and safe.

    Compatible Glass types

    Brisk freestanding glass walls are compatible with a variety of glass types. We are the only company in the industry providing Freestanding Systems with Switchable “Smart Glass”. Other types of glass available include Frosted Privacy Glass, Colored Glass, Low-Iron Glass, and Laminated Safety Glass. See our glass types page for more information.