Free-standing Glass Partitions

Image showing our glass partition system utilized in an office settings

Freestanding Glass Walls. When and why implementing a freestanding glass systems is a good idea.

Glass as a building material continues to become increasingly popular in the construction industry. It’s appearance is fascinating and structural properties undervalued. Many interior designers and architects choose glass partitions over the traditional materials because of the benefits it provides to their clients. Glass transmits daylight and creates bright natural and open spaces. It creates a modern look that many enjoy to work and collaborate in. Studies have shown that people are more energetic, optimistic and productive in bright and open environments. 

Freestanding system made to appear as attached to the ceiling. Client requested not to tie into the ceiling due to floating ceiling and limitations in a seismic zone.

Our freestanding glass partitions provide many benefits such as not having to tie to the existing structure or high ceilings. Furthermore the partitions are fully de-mountable allowing for fast removal or layout changes. 

In most cases our freestanding glass partitions are built in spaces with high ceilings. Typically ceilings above 10 ft are considered high. In those situations building full height glass partitions becomes more challenging. Glass panels are very large and require thicker and more expensive glass. The supports need to be able to handle the heavy weight. Freestanding partitions become a perfect alternative to high walls. Without the need to tie at the top, the partition can be built to any height. 

In other scenarios our freestanding partitions are implemented in spaces where a the client does not want to tie to the existing structure. Our team designs a system that is self supported. This kind of system has many benefits and can even be done without permitting. 

Brisk freestanding glass partitions is a great solution for many spaces. The stainless steel hardware in combination with low iron glass has a modern and sophisticated appearance that will brighten up any environment.