Architectural Glass Railings

Do you want to know more about the most up to date glass handrails options? Maybe you are thinking of specifying glass railings for your next project? Brisk Architectural Glass is the right place! We offer many different styles of glass railing at Brisk Arch, the options for configuration are almost limitless. With the ever-growing demand for glass in modern railings, balustrades and handrails, there has been a subtle rise in variety of designs, types, and classifications, we will explore the most up to date options available.

Glass is known to have stolen the magic of luxury and to create a feeling of openness. Glass is considered one of the most modern material choices for railing systems. It is a successful alternative to iron, wood and steel handrails not just in the residential but commercial applications as well. Home and business owners around the world are enthralled with the idea of using high quality glass railing systems for their decks, porches, balconies, patios and more.

All glass balustrades or glass railings

Exterior glass frameless balustrades

Constantly replacing the traditionally styled railings, this new addition to the industry is one of the most aesthetical and elegant options of all. Glass railings tend to offer a feel of sophistication and produce a stunning visual appearance, making your space look bigger and brighter by letting natural light and existing design cues flow easily.

We understand you may need help understanding different types of glass railing systems, we have a many systems for you to choose from. Lets’ take a look four at common configurations:

Stainless Steel Post Railings

Post railing systems enhance traditional railing design with modern glass styling, and are defined by the railing structure composed of typically 1.5 inch stainless steel tubing and supporting each glass panel from the sides. The end result embraces the best of both traditional and modern styling. Brisk Architectural carries a whole like of stainless steel railings called INOX.

Stainless steel railing or guardrail

Stainless Steel Tube Railing

Standoff Glass Railings

If a design using minimal hardware is desired for a facia mounted system, Standoff Glass Railings may be a good choice. Cylindrical caps with gaskets hold the glass against adjustable risers which are facia mounted securely to existing building material. The mounting holes are pre drilled in the glass panels so the glass installs easily once the standoffs are mounted. This simple system is popular for mounting glass railings to skeleton staircases, and can be easily used with curved glass panels to create stunning curved glass railings.

Brisk Standoff mounted glass railing

Standoff mounted glass railings

Clamped Freestanding Glass Railing

Clamped glass railings use floor mounted supports, resulting in a simple free-standing railing system which is entirely supported by the small footprint of the clamps. This trending design is admired by many designers around the world, commanding attention with powerful presence and simple styling. (think colosseum, roman architecture, strength in vertical styling)

Picket mounted glass railings

Base Track Mounted Glass Railing

Our track mounted glass railing systems are entirely supported by a floor or facia mounted track using rubber gaskets and various clamping mechanisms, and are some of our most popular options. Tracks are versatile, able to be mounted to a variety of building materials, and offer the highest possible load bearing capabilities for the most extreme environments. Like our other systems, track mounted systems can be configured with no trim so that other than the track, only tempered laminated glass with polished chamfered edges is visible. The track itself can also be recessed so it is entirely hidden in a floor or behind trim. Track mounted systems are popular for their versatility and sharp but elegant finish.

All glass guardrail Brisk Architectural

Concealed Frameless Glass Railing System

All of our systems can be combined with cap style trim, or protruding handrails, and can be easily accented with materials like finished hardwood. We can produce an almost unlimited variety of finishes for our tracks and hardware, as well as tinted and textured glass.

We typically use 9/16 tempered laminated safety glass for most of our glass railing systems, which offers high strength and rigidity, to produce a safe and secure system. All of our systems meet or exceed building code requirements for load bearing ability. We also offer an extra heavy duty option, our M10 track mounted railing system, which features our highest load bearing capability and 3/4” tempered laminated glass to sustain the most extreme environmental conditions.

Brisk M10 Bottom Shoe Glass Railing System

Brisk M10 Bottom Shoe Glass Railing System

Glass railing maintenance is very simple, and much easier than most traditional materials like wood or steel. The glass surface and hardware can be wiped cleaned with a soft cloth dipped in soapy water. Glass is very resistant to weathering making it an excellent option for exterior applications like patios and balconies, and the anodized finished aluminum hardware is highly corrosion resistant. We recommend avoiding abrasive cleaning methods to avoid damaging the finish, otherwise our railing systems will last a long time with minimal maintenance! Our railing systems are easily disassembled if needed, making renovations or repairs to railing or surrounding areas a breeze.

Glass railings are an excellent value proposition! They are low maintenance, durable, and timeless – we believe appreciation for our architectural glass systems styling will never fade away. Glass railings are known to bring value to a property. Designers, builders, homeowners and business owners who appreciate crisp, modern styling, will all be attracted to our chic selection of glass railing system. Our systems help produce an ‘inside-out’ feel – the idea of bringing nature inside and living a life of serenity and tranquility, which is a desirable trait to be incorporated in modern design.

Glass is a key element used in modern and contemporary designs, and glass railings have emerged to be the “new thing”. There are many spaces that crave a modern material like glass. Interior and exterior applications like staircases, balconies, and patios, pools, gardens and more are all ideal applications for glass railings. Our glass railing systems are grabbing the attention of the design industry by offering the utmost in modern, luxurious, but simple styling. If you are interested in learning more about our glass railing systems or using one of our systems for your next project, submit an inquiry using the link below. We will follow up with information, and when you are ready we can generate a quote for your project.