The Office of Tomorrow

Glass in interior design

The Office of Tomorrow:

5 Reasons Interior Glass is the Future of Office Design


Over the past century, as the nature of work has evolved, businesses have largely abandoned their claustrophobic cubicles in favor of more modern, open floorplans. However, these new office spaces, while large and roomy, came with unexpected consequences. As Alexi Marmot, professor of facility management at The Bartlett School of Graduate Studies, told The Guardian: “the downsides of open plans — noise, alienation, inability to adjust light and temperature, feeling like a small cog in a large machine —  needed to be overcome.” The solution? Interior glass partitions. From Wall Street to Main Street, these innovative, transparent wall systems are revolutionizing workplaces around the globe. Here are the top five reasons why interior glass is the future of office design:


Beautiful Aesthetics

Interior glass walls give offices a contemporary but timeless look that is sure to impress any client. Even as the average office space continues to shrink in size, these see-through partitions keep interiors appearing sleek and spacious. Slender frames and seamlessly integrated glass doors complete the minimalist aesthetic. And, for a bolder look, colored and custom-printed glass panels are also available.



More Natural Light

Interior glass partitions and doors, made from pure, low-iron glazing, allow natural light to penetrate deeper into floorplates. Studies confirm that this improves the health, mood and mental acuity of employees, leading to less sick days and drastic upticks in productivity. The uniform daylighting and elimination of unnecessary shadows also reduces artificial lighting demands, helping cut both electricity bills and carbon emissions.


Better Acoustic Control

Loud conversations and overheard phone calls can echo throughout an open office, distracting employees who, according to The Wall Street Journal, can take upwards of 20 minutes to get back to work. Interior glass partitions eradicate these distractions by creating spaces with improved acoustic qualities. Brisk Architectural, for example, manufactures glass wall systems with concealed, rubberized joints to prevent sound leakage and up to three panes of glazing to maximize speech privacy.


Improved Sightlines

Interior glass walls help create a more amicable work environment that promotes camaraderie and collaboration among employees. The increased sightlines improve communication, both verbally and visually, enhance security and help supervisors manage large groups more efficiently. Where more privacy is desired, partitions can be fitted with smart glass technology which instantaneously transform from clear to opaque with the push of a finger.


Remarkable Life Expectancy  

Unlike drywall partitions which dent easily and require frequent paint touch-ups, interior glass partitions are constructed of laminated safety glass, making them extraordinarily resilient and low-maintenance. Simply put, these glass walls last a lifetime. And, when it is finally time to redesign an office, innovative moveable and demountable wall systems — constructed without permanent silicone joints — enable spaces to be reconfigured effortlessly, adapting to changes in the workplace without the hassle and cost of turning offices into construction sites.